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    1. 江苏远洋药业股份有限公司

      Jiangsu Yuanyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    2. Products

      "Advanced process, first-rate products, perfect service" as Yuanyang's firm principle in business.

      Hydroxyacetic acid

      CAS NO: 79-14-1

      Chemical Formula: C2H4O3

      Structural Formula: HOCH2COOH

      Molecular Weight: 76.06

      EINECS: 201-180-5

      Properties: colorless crystal, hygroscopic, m.p. 80 C, b.p. 100C(decompose), flash point 300 C(decomposed), relative density 1.49, soluble in water, ethanol and ether; 70% water solution, light yellow or colorless liquid; freezing point is 10C.


      Item Specification
      70%liquid        Crystal      Crystal 
      Assay≥ 70.0%               99.0%        99.5%
      Residue on ignition≤ 0.3%                 0.05%        0.05%
      Insoluble residue≤ 0.01%              0.01%        0.005%
      Color APHA≤ 25                      25               25
      Chloride (as Cl-)≤ 0.001%            0.001%       0.001%
      Sulfate (as SO42-)≤ 0.05%              0.01%        0.01%
      Heavy metal(as Pb)≤ 10ppm            10ppm         5ppm
      Fe≤ 10ppm            5ppm          5pm          
      As≤                           2ppm         1ppm
      Sulfuric acid test Confirm
      Clarity test Confirm
      PACKAGE 250kg/Plastic drum
      STORAGE Be stored and transported at room temperature. 
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